Think of All the Money on Duty Charges This Friday Fun Could Save You

Hello again! Already halfway through December! Make sure you’ve cast your votes and opinions for Best Of 2017 if you haven’t already! Your wota points depend on it! And once you’ve done that, take a good look at last week’s Fun!

Its another one of those nights where I’m up at stupid o’clock looking at idol merch I can’t afford. And I thought, “there’s really some types of tat that’s really heavily associated with idol, huh?” I’m talking muffler towels, penlights, bromide photos, those figure plate things. Sure, you can sometimes see this type of loot in other fandoms such as anime, K-Pop and the like, but let’s be real here; most of you associate such items with idols.

So it got me thinking, what would happen if other celebrities got merchandise like what you’d find at an idol show?

A very nice collection of Snoop Dogg bromides, or official Republican/Democrat penlights for loyal patriots to wave about during political speeches? Come up with some ideas to combine Japanese merchandising with celebrities of the West. If you have the time, even draw or Photoshop some prototypes! Use the hashtag #IdolMerchForWesternCelebs, and perhaps if we raise our figurative voices enough, Maniac will finally get the Poppy microfibre towel he’s always dreamed of?

I am not in a cult led by Poppy