Here’s Why You’ll Melt More! Should Always Be High in Your Heart

When you’re basically living media figures* the way that You’ll Melt More! is, you don’t let the usual pre-during-post-release schedule for your albums and whatnot dictate what you’re going to do to promote the thing — you do what you want, because you can, and it’s going to work.

Take for example!

It’s so stupid fun. Imagine being in the pitch meeting for this MV:

“I’ve got it! We should do a Tarantino tribute. I’m thinking Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill and–”

“You had me at ‘Tarantino’.”

*As Chris has pointed out before, basically nobody has ever produced video at the same click as YMM, and at such a high degree of creativity and quality — even the basic stuff is worth looking at, given how many surprises may lie within. And, of course, it lines up neatly with their always-great prolific musical output.

If you were ever looking for proof that You’ll Melt More! is not just part of the creative leadership of idol, but arguably at the tippy top, this is … not even Exhibit A. It’s genuinely more like Exhibit Q. Not many can marry a genuine artistic bent with their (relative) access to resource, and many who can don’t pull off a vision, no matter how random, half as well.

It’s a shame that we’re finalizing the Best of 2017, because this would definitely be a consideration. Alas! At least we’ll be able to consider YMM next year!

2 thoughts on “Here’s Why You’ll Melt More! Should Always Be High in Your Heart

  1. Takes place in a Coyote Ugly bar and amongst the weaponry carried by the unlucky guys who interfered with YMM’s drumming are Wolverine claws, a bannana and a soup ladle. A new standard in random.

  2. kin hell that’s brilliant.
    They’ve been at this idol game for five years now, which I guess gives them the confidence and experience to go in whatever direction they fancy and know their fans will follow.

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