So Good to See FRUITPOCHETTE Back to Mostly Full Strength

I haven’t smashed a Play button so hard and so fast in a long time as I did yesterday when YouTube actually sent me a timely notification for once, and it was for FRUITPOCHETTE’s new single on what felt like a slightly delayed delivery but who cares it’s motherhubbard FRUITPOCHETTE. Damn that was exciting. This is the one that they crowdfunded for, which is to say in part that it’s the first whole-on real-deal single since the OG group re-formed last year. It’s not exactly completely new to us — we even got to tease it a little while ago — but now that it’s here in the flesh and MVed, it feels real and alive and this opening shot of Mina just about made my heart stop:

For you kids who are newer to this whole idol party, there was a hot minute back in 2015-16 when FRUITPOCHETTE was idol metal’s clear #2, and in the eyes of many that was purely because of scale of resources between MAD MAGAZINE and Amuse — Babymetal had the viral stuff and the attention-getting and the sophisticated media machine, but Shiori and Mina had the more mature sound and the bigger overall voice. They got some media mentions outside of Japan, too, but “competent metal performed by idols” doesn’t quite grab the imagination the way “girls in battle tutus bopping to chocolate” does, apparently, so even though FRUITPOCHETTE made plenty of noise and played some genuinely big stages at their peak, they were “only” second in the pecking order. Then Mina had health problems, the group struggled to re-establish with second members and accompanying changes in sound, and it all looked lost.

Mina’s comeback has felt like a blessing. I know that we’re unlikely to ever get the full-on vintage Frupoche experience, and that’s fine, loudol has a lot of room to be good and care-about-able, and goodness knows at this point I’ll do almost anything to get Shiori the credit she deserves as an icon in this scene. This MV feels like they made fully good on their resurrection. Now let’s spread hope.