Your Homicidols Weekender #150

Welcome back to the weekend, gang! Yes, now autumn is officially upon us, and I am going to be spending my day indulging all kinds of impulses and whims. This is, after all, my deep-down favorite time of year, when I have excuses to eat and drink a little bit too much, excuses to eat and drink WAY too much, opportunities to productively burn things and don’t get any crap if I want to spend an afternoon working on my car. And the coming month in particular is absolute perfection — October is great weather, all of the major North American sports active at once, a tentpole holiday and pretty much everybody in a good mood. Yes, truly the greatest of all seasons!

And, of course, Idol Halloween. Can’t forget that. We’ve somehow gone three full years since JyuJyu gave us the greatest MV of all time, and I keep hoping that they’ll repeat at some point, but alas.

As for this Weekender, it’s a good one, with a slightly different format that seems appropriate now that we’re closing in on the third anniversary of this longest-running post series in idol blogging history. I was toying with the idea of killing the Weekender (as we know it) when we cross that threshold in six weeks’ time, but naw, this helps me to feel connected even when I don’t have a lot else to contribute in a given week.

And as for the Fun, since this is where I normally urge you to go play, wowwie. Kerrie completely outdid herself concept-wise, and the community showed up in spades. Maybe a bit much griping and grinding of personal axes for my tastes, but it was mostly done in good faith and good humor, so I certainly have no complaints. It all just goes to show that wota are a fascinating species.

Is That Some Kind of Dig?

In the latest international feature on idol that doesn’t quite get it but ultimately gets it just enough:

Nice long trailer for the Toricago DVD:

Because humanity doesn’t deserve anything from tapestock lasting for too long, Koutei Camera Girl Drei is dissolving:

We don’t get to see enough of Not Secured, Loose Ends, so let’s just amplify this little promo:

Your periodic reminder that nobody does anything better than Dance for Philosophy does their thing:

I absolutely must have video from this live between the inimitable Yanakoto Sotto Mute and the equally inimitable Lovely Summer-chan:

Devil ANTHEM went ahead and put the instrumental versions of the tracks from their last single on Soundcloud:

Here’s a totally normal PassCode promo:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is yandoll, who I used to try really hard to include as often as possible because everything about them was inexplicable and therefore neat, but who I also gave up on last year because some things ultimately aren’t worth the effort. I do this now because a Twitter accident led to me finally discovering this single that they released over the summer:

Otherwise, I’m guessing that their, yes, inexplicable signing with a major label a while back didn’t quite work out as planned, and I frankly have no idea which member/s from the era of their definitely-not-fake-guys-we-swear CD-selling contest are even still around. And yet! They’ve picked up a sister/trainee group, #111111SICK (highsick), about whom I once intended to do a thing and then, you know, let’s bring it all back to “not worth the effort.” Nonetheless! This being Idol in Focus, here’s the whole family being very excited:

Minor Bonus Idol in Focus

I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring to attention both this excellent POPPING EMO sort-of MV:

Plus the continuation of this wild-ass series where they read lyrics with Cronkite-like gravity:

The search for a viable ska idol project that can last more than a few months and isn’t kind of terrible has now yielded BAMBi:

Whatever the hell it is that Up Up Girls are doing here:

I am delighted to inform you that Arrow Heart is still a thing:


Clip Corner

A new feature comes to the Homicidols Weekender! You may have noticed that I sometimes wind up dumping a lot of live clips out in a row. Now let’s make it an official thing!

Melon Batake a go go gone country!

Lively one from LADYBABY:

Nice live clip of the new FRUITPOCHETTE single:

And some classics:

Plus some Summer Rocket:

And avandoned in action:


Here’s MAPLEZ affiliate NEMURIORCA proving that the apple can fall pretty damn far from the tree, actually:

Maybe your preference is Malcolm Mask McLaren:

Or notall:

And BiSH just destroying this:

Osaka Shunkashuto says that stealing bikes is bad, you guys!

The other MAPLEZ sister group, Meteonomicon, is releasing their first single:

They’re having a good time!

And this, friends, is fan art:

Have a great weekend!