This is awful.

TY, Phillter

Shiori and Kyuri are going to begin solo careers from here on, and the majesty of heavy metal idol from Ehime is no more. I imagine that official statements from the members will be forthcoming, but so far it’s just little apology tweets and ever-idol pledges to do their best.

They’ll wrap things up with a live on July 30:

And so goes the idol project that I once felt was the most natural follow-on to the Babymetal phenomenon, a sophisticated metal outfit that had the benefit of not being kawaii — that is, that they could more readily slide into metal spaces and be welcomed as they were. Instead, a year’s worth of struggle culminated in what was probably inevitable.

But rather than just outright mourn FRUITPOCHETTE, we can look forward to the solo work of the members. Shiori, I really hope she stays on the same path, as she definitely has the chops for the material; I don’t know of Kyuri’s solo work prior to be joined to FRUITPOCHETTE, but I do know that she slid right in last September and did a great job.

In the meantime, I’ll just be contemplating mortality and staring into a foggy mirror for a few hours. Excuse me.

8 thoughts on “FRUITPOCHETTE Is Dead

  1. Sad there will be no more FRUITPOCHETTE 🙁
    I really liked them and I was so much looking forward
    to new material. Going to miss them a lot.

    Well got to keep an eye on Shiori and Kyuri.

  2. Aww, too bad…

    The problem is with being more serious to “slide into metal spaces” is that they also don’t stick out as much when in “metal spaces”.

    FP being an idol group always felt like a cause of circumstances and not a strong part of their identity and i always thought this group would have had more success if they would have gotten permanent band members and gone at it as a band fronted by idols/girls with some dance moves concept type deal.

    Of course, that is easier said than done…

    • That did seem to be the case, actually; when they got a little bit of post-Choco rub in the metal press, the reaction was very ho-hum. Not even all that negative! And getting a negative reaction is way better than no reaction.

  3. Aww man, they were one of my favourites. Hope their solo work is decent.

    What on earth is going on with Mad Magazine Records? The only group they’ve got left is Himekyun Fruits Kan, and I haven’t heard anything about them recruiting new members. OK, it’s possible that they’re still in the system and won’t be debuted till they finish training but still.

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