Let’s Crowdfund Like Hell for FRUITPOCHETTE!

If you Weekender, you know that I keep up with Azuma Shiori fairly often (even if I don’t really understand it), ex and current and nominal leader of metal-as-hell Ehime-based duo FRUITPOCHETTE; what I’d be doing instead in a just world is dedicating that energy to the actual project that she co-fronts, except that FRUITPOCHETTE, despite coming back to life and filling me with glee about it, has been pretty quiet since the re-launch, and I thought that they were probably taking the whole “this is part-time” thing extra seriously — maybe you could catch them playing the old hits on a weekend, or at a festival or something.

And maybe that was true until a couple of days ago, when — bam! — out comes the crowdfunding effort that you and I and everybody we know absolutely must get behind:

Basically, in honor of their first anniversary since reunification, the idea is to fund a new single, an MV for that single, and a nationwide release tour. It opens on Sunday. Let’s give them all of the money!

If you’re new to FRUITPOCHETTE (which, surprisingly, is actually kind of possible at this point, holy hell does time fly), they seemed poised to be a lot of things back around 2015, having picked up some international media attention not dissimilarly to Babymetal’s and, because metalheads are the worst hipsters in the world, were openly preferred by not a small number of people. It took me a little while to warm up to them, but there was no denying that they sounded great and, being like actual adults by the time they were playing big stages in Japan, didn’t need to make anybody feel weird about cheering on teenagers in tutus. Instead, the ass that they kicked was of a different, more sophisticated flavor. And then, basically right after I launched this site partly in the hopes of more people getting into them, FRUITPOCHETTE began the long process of winding down to nothing when Mina announced her effective retirement and Mad Magazine shook up all of their acts. It was a wild time.

But! After a couple of years in the comparative wilderness, they announced last summer that Mina was ready to step back up on a limited basis, and she and Shiori would be back to FRUITPOCHETTEing the hell out of people’s faces on a stage near you at some point soon (then; shut up, you get the idea).

Here’s a fairly recent live clip:

They still sound great, they look good (if somewhat subdued) on stage, and gosh darn do I absolutely want this to be funded to the hilt and then down and back again. Make a whole album. TOUR ASIA. I don’t care — take all of the money and do things with it, FRUITPOCHETTE. The world is a better one with you in it.