Shihatsu-machi Underground Delights and Disturbs with “Hallelujah” MV

Shihatsu-machi Underground have been a godsend during the last several months. Not only have their frequent, and stellar, livestream performances helped maintain a connection to the live music scene we’ve been isolated from, but they also committed back in July to releasing new music every month for four months. In July, we got the wistful “TAKE A TRIP”, while August gifted us with the punkabilly-influenced  “NO!NO!NO!”. September’s song, the acid-jazz fueled “Hallelujah”, has now arrived with an accompanying MV that’s equal parts Naked Lunch and Little Shop of Horrors.

The MV is a collaboration with Adaptation, a short film by Kenichi Ugana (Kuroi Bodo: Ganguro Gals Riot). You may recognize the MVs actors as Yoshimura Kaito from Smoking (a good watch; available on Netflix) as he reunites with his co-star from Eren the Southpaw, Tanaka Makoto.

This isn’t the first time Shihatsu-machi Underground have explored cinematic narrative or dipped into the macabre for their MVs. You may remember their descent into cannibalism for “Kanjō-sen wakusei” or their touching tale of a homeless woman who aspires to be an astronaut in ‘Yubisaki-mirai-yosouzu“.

It seems that those cinematic influences have been noticed as all of their MVs are being screened at an upcoming film festival in Los Angeles.

Like several other Shihatsu-machi Underground tunes, “Hallelujah” is composed by Leo Imamura (former The John’s Guerrilla) with lyrics by GOMESS.