And Then We Are Graced with New Shihatsu-machi Underground

There must be some kind of theme going on out there, you guys, because just as I was gearing up to write that other piece this morning about getting something new from a total personal favorite but being underwhelmed by it, up in the TL showed the get-hype letters M and V in a tweet from Shihatsu-machi Underground as well, and I dang near squeed in delight. The result was, again, not quite what I was going for, but I’ll be damned if I don’t shout loudly in your face that you need to listen to this and celebrate everything that the group does. I absolutely can not, will not be capable of supporting them to the fullest at all times and for all reasons, though, and I’m motivated as much by the fact that resources were spent to produce this spot (which means that they exist! in surplus!) and that maybe my inerrant devotion these girls and their work can pay off for them in even microscopic ways. They deserve it, even if the subject in question at all times isn’t necessarily what I wish I were getting, for its very existence is a gift:

So you can probably get what I mean — just like in the earlier post, here we have a group that does have a fairly distinguishable core sound around which dabbling usually occurs, but on top of that it’s as much an aesthetic and attitudinal orientation as anything, and … well, and the recent offering is sort of angled away from that. And that’s fine! Idols should dabble and experiment and move around and try different things in their work, especially if being a broader crowd-pleaser is kind of the point. And, again, it’s a perfectly nice piece, and I’m glad that it exists. It’s just not hitting those flavor notes that I was hoping for when I sipped from the complimentary glass, you know? But who sends back free wine? Exactly.

If you’re curious as to why a certain segment of people are like, I’d sell most of my blood plasma to see Shihatsu-machi live, perhaps this will sell you:

They’re so damn good. I wish there were more months in the year so we could increase the odds of them releasing another album and on top of it like six more MVs.