Your Homicidols Weekender #199

Good morning! Or, at least, I hope it’s good, or that you can make it good. Around these parts, the turn from summer into autumn has been absolutely pleasant sans the several inches of rain we got the other day, and there’s peace and quiet. That’s good — we need that. Entirely too many people don’t have that now. And as if 2020 needed yet another layer before the topper goes on, we have unprecedented wildfires out west, including several in areas I used to work in back in the day. It’s scary to see, and scarier still to think that this may just be the beginning of deeply chaotic times.

That’s not meant to scare you, by the way. Instead, I hope that you see all of this and think, I’m going to make the most of what I have today and I’m going to work for better things tomorrow. Stay safe, stay sane, and take action to add some improvement to the world.

Sermon out of the way, there’s a ton of good stuff in idol over the last week, much of which we have posts in progress about, and quite a bit of the rest of which you can find right here in the ol’ Weekender!

Oh No, Milestones Incoming Too

What a blessing it is to live in a world that includes Dance for Philosophy:

Meet Canary and their late entry for song of the summer.

In related news, we may have a new contender for Album of the Year:

Chiaki gave us a fun song and absolute nightmare fuel for the MV:


Ngl I was more than a little disappointed that this ANDCRAZY BREAK song wasn’t more interesting:

Speaking of the mishmash, you can watch horror movies with them:

Sway Emotions Slightly did a few things this week, but this was by far my favorite:

Oh hell show ’em a live too!

For my fellow Aizawa Ayaka fans:

And for my fellow IVOLVE fans on top of that!

The sheer persistence of Honey Emperor in support of their own core concept used to be perplexing, but at this point it’s more impressive than anything:

We discussed internally if anybody wanted to say anything about the latest from MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN, and the answer was no:

We’ll have one fewer Satanic Punish:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is actually You’ll Melt More!, which I guess is suitable enough. We haven’t posted on a marathon basis about them in … a couple of months? Sure! But yeah, they dropped a bunch of stuff, as is their wont, and I needed an Idol in Focus:

And in trainee unit news:

Zsasz with a cover of Palette but it’s okay because, oh man, do they got the pipes for it.

Has mikicco always been this weird?

I’m still out of touch enough that I have no idea who this Erisu group is and why MOD is promoting something that hasn’t debuted yet, but I like to think of the possibilities!

They’re called WONDER SNAKE; do not let me forget to learn more about them:

Babymetal gave us many more tracks from the double live gonzo album:

The last live of scribble scritch. They were gone too soon.

We’ve all been good enough, I think, to get to enjoy Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders doing their thing:

I’d watch it:

Have a great weekend!

One thought on “Your Homicidols Weekender #199

  1. I feel like O’CHAWANZ gets slept on by, well, everybody pretty much. The chill, lofi hip-hop thing is really nice and Mellow Madness should definitely be in the running for album of the year and putting out two potentially killer albums in the same year if that guest lineup is anything to go by.

    Though they’d have stiff competition between ALICE by Migma Shelter, Pink by Ray, and Falsetto by RYUTist. 2020 may taketh away a lot but it’s also been in a surprisingly giving mood too.

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