Pimm’s Intoxicates Us… With Facts!

Would you look at that, a new video from possibly the best group to share its name with an iconic English beverage!

It seems Pimm’s has caught on to the fact that the boozy summer delight is arguably more well-known than they are, as this video now comes with handy-dandy infoboxes about each member that appears on-screen! Thank you, Pimm’s (the idol). I particularly resonate with Mayu Takahashi, who drinks coke every day. 

Surely a defiant attack on Pimm’s (the drink) which contains no coke at all

As for the song, “CRY BABY AND DREAMER” itself, it’s going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. A charming, upbeat little ditty that honestly, in these apocalyptic times, we seriously need more of. Much like how we need more Pimm’s (the alcohol) to make us forget, we need more Pimm’s (the idol) to lift our spirits. Pun not intended.