Seven Minutes Enduring a Zenkimi Surprise

This is the life of the fancy idol blogger:

“Oh, all right, Zenkimi’s doing the announcement thing at the ass crack of dawn. Cool, cool. Maybe a song teaser? That’d be fun. … No, wait, that’s not the usual pattern for them, and they always say it’s a twitcast if it’s going to be a twitcast … OH GAWD NO, THIS IS IT, MASHIRO’S LEAVING, ISN’T SHE? THIS WAS HOW THEY TALKED ABOUT MENE. NO WAIT I BET IT’S YOTSU SHE WAS ALWAYS SO LAZY ABOUT IT.”

And then you remember that idol is the stupidest hobby in the world, easily the least rewarding, but also so fleetingly very rewarding:

“OH GREAT A NEW SINGLE IN LIKE TWO WEEKS! WHERE IS MY DAMN SONG PREVIEW!” Also, thank you for waiting until December to release this, Zenkimi, so I don’t need to try to shoehorn it into the ol’ annual awards show unless it’s well and truly life-changing.

This has been your recurring emotional roller coaster, provided through the generous sponsorship of Codomomental Inc. and the fine people at Twitter.