Say Goodbye to PiGU

Frick and frack, you guys. I’ve largely been spared the personal worst of disbandments so far, but along comes the demise of one of my favorite Osaka groups. PiGU, one of the neatest of rock idols (regardless of the flavor they embraced at any moment), are being brought to an end by POP iD:

I’ll just go ahead and let Chris explain it all:

So it goes, I guess. It’s a general win that PiGU’s music will continue on, and Spiritwalker/POP iD will keep things alive in-house (will they still be cafe staff?), yes. Silver linings kind of suck, though. Keikarin was long one of my favorite idols, cemented after her incredible accidental solo live well over a year ago now, and I’d even gotten pretty solidly behind Rinka before she went on hiatus. But speaking realistically, after a really solid run of singles etc., the group never really fully recovered from Rino’s graduation last year, and now here we are.

I’ll look forward to whatever it is that comes next, and choose to remember PiGU for the boss’s largesse in sharing pretty nice prizes in the Best of 2016 voting, for having one of the greatest Spotify accounts in idol, and for giving us one of the most nihilistic look at the idol-wota relatonship in “DAY”:

A very Homicidols best to you all!