Who the Heck Is Husky?

Doop-dee-doop, cruising through idols’ backstage photos on Twitter. Hello, what’s this? They’re … called Husky? That’s interesting. What’s that all about?


Oh, okay!

Upon spending a little bit of time with Husky online (Twitter), I decided that I absolutely needed to stay on track to continue to elevate new idols and on-the-margins idols and give them a chance to catch on a bit. Here we have more idol in that musically in-between space that I frankly like to leave playing for a nice stretch while I’m writing or cleaning or something — lots of leasing sounds, lots of familiar moves rendered in unfamiliar ways, and chances to get a little bit surprised.

For instance, here’s one that might sound familiar to the PassCode set:

And … well, pobody’s nerfect:

As is requisite, here’s some live:

Now can somebody with more functional Japanese please tell me why they’re called Husky?

One thought on “Who the Heck Is Husky?

  1. This was pretty nice. I’d love to hear those demo songs in more polished quality. It seems they have a ton of shirts and other merch for sale but no music releases. Pity.

    As for the group’s name, I think there’s not too much mystery in it. As their website has it in English ”A husky sound is offered”, so basically it is just a play on this frequently occurring expression ”husky sound” and the dog mascot who’s apparently husky. The twitter profile also says they’d be recruiting ”a Siberian (husky)”. Katakana rendering of the group name 《ハスキー》is just how you’d ordinarily write the word ”husky”. I can’t come up with any clever hidden messages with that.

    The thing I’m wondering is why old Buchou from Desu Rabbits of all people is posing as a model for a husky hoodie: https://husky.official.ec/items/9957069.

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