SAKA-SAMA’s First MV Is Another Trip to Dreamland

Man, when this thing came across the feed on Friday, I almost couldn’t wait to share it. I’ve been in long-distance gawky love with SAKA-SAMA ever since they first started to pollute Trash-Up!!’s stages with their signature style of post-rock weirdness, and I harbored hope that, like a few others before them, they’d be able to take their excellence and ball it up and use it in exchange to make for a breakthrough moment of some sort.

And, at last, the MV:

That this is now Sunday is merely coincidental! I ran out of time to post on Friday, wanted to emphasize the (also late) mistress and (totally new!) 2& stuff yesterday, and … well, Sunday’s for the easy stuff, anyway, and here we are.

What a gorgeous song, though. In a week’s time, first xoxo EXTREME, and now SAKA-SAMA; even if you’re not calling it “lo-fi dream pop” (though that’s perfectly accurate), and even if the genre strands being employed might be differently colored and shaped, the end result is … it’s just ignoring the fact that people have ever put boundaries on who does what kinds of music and how. It’s a wonderful second sort of revolution — first the idols broke free, and now they’re experimenting (or, their producers are experimenting) with forms that transcend even the idea of system-bucking and get more into the wait-why-didn’t-we-think-to-have-idols-doing-this-the-whole-time-this-is-perfect. Beautiful stuff, really.

Anyway, IF YOU LIKE THE SONG, SAKA-SAMA’S single comes out on the 28th:

The only downer is that La La Sugar semi-graduated, in the sense that she was never truly part of the group but sort of filled in and tagged along for a while. It was nice having her, and having her do something different.

One thought on “SAKA-SAMA’s First MV Is Another Trip to Dreamland

  1. This is really great, and it’s fascinating what a difference some production values can do!

    Ryo Fujishima as the director/cinematographer/editor for this MV. Ryo was the photographer for TRASH-UP!! that documented the Multiple Tap tour back in 2015. I had a short conversation with him at the Richmond show! He recently had a photo exhibition about the tour. A nice fellow!

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