Oshi Digest #25: Communion

Do you understand how hard it was to not share Oshi’s glory over the last couple of days. I promised myself, you’ll do Oshi Digest on Sunday … and then there was no chance; ditto Monday. And now, here we are, and I have a tale!

A few days ago, a mystery occurrence:

Where was Oshi? While the official explanation on her behalf was that she was feeling unwell, the reality is far darker.

I was snapped from slumber by an ominous presence, something dark and ancient and terrible lurking in my room. I would say that I locked eyes with it, but how can you lock eyes with infinite voids? Nonetheless, the Beast beckoned, and I answered the summons.

After what could have been an instant or the entire history of the universe, I realized that I was in some other place. Stone were the walls, damp and dank. A smell, like the death of death, hung in the air. And, before me, shimmering in the gloom, a dazzling darkness — Oshi:

I swore upon a thousand souls* that I would never utter the secrets that she told me, but know, friends, that something far blacker than evil lurks around us, and there is a mission to fulfill. NECRONOMIDOL’s power, limited as it is in the physical world, is yet to be fully tapped, but even they will require the support of their legions of minions to accomplish what lies ahead. This is only the beginning:

I wanted to stay. With Oshi, with Necroma, with those whose charge in this existence is to defeat evil with MOAR EVIL, but alas. Oshi bade me farewell —

— and I was back in my room, somehow even before I’d left.

I choose to remember this encounter via bonus Oshi photos, like of her mentoring of Rei:

Or her recruitment of others to the cause:

Or her induction of her mates into the darkest art of them all (shironuri):

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Oshi, we await your command!

*Literally, she had them in a jar and kept poking them until I promised