Even More New Rock Idols Are upon Us: 143, I Love You

I’ve been sitting on this draft for a long time. How long? Long-ass, that’s how long. Ever since tracks (see below!) started to pop up on Soundcloud a couple of months back. They weren’t going to officially debut until February, and went on one of those slow-member-reveal journeys that drive you nuts.

Well, all members are now accounted for:

That’s 143 (Twitter), which kanas as ワンフォースリー ONE FOR THREE, which of course actually renders out as “I Love You” because nihongo wordplay. Ol’ Viz shared them out when they first started to happen, but now they’re really happening. Thanks to Jul, I now know that membership includes Juri and Rinka from CANDY||STRIPE NEO, and Hana from ACATOCRO.

They sound like:

There’s a LOT happening in this song

This one’s the real money, though:

Hi, new idols! Did nobody send you the memo? You’re not supposed to have such well-crafted, polished music yet. I hate to draw comparisons like this out of fear of creating undue pressure*, but goddamn does this remind me of a mashup of Yanakoto Sotto Mute and one of the higher-quality idorock units, like Q’ulle or, seeing as how they’re going with the whole “emotional idorock” thing, probably Babyraids JAPAN is more appropriate. There’s a fairly good chance that, to accompany the real-deal debut, there’ll be some video coming along soon as well.

I spent a lot of the fall complaining about the scene maybe having become just as passe in the idol underground as in, like, the rest of the world’s rock scene, but what a string of debuts we’ve been able to see just over the winter, really. Idols: Please keep on grinding out gorgeous little rock songs for a while longer. Heart.

*oh, like anybody even knows, let alone cares