Queen of the Scene Preliminary Final

In a safe, secure, very-far-from-fans video booth in the Mojave Desert, Homicidol Maniac speaks to a camera

The Queen of the Scene qualifying has come down to a single available slot that any of three different idols can earn, and they’re just about ready to go! Let’s get it o– wrestling!

Yesterday’s results


Current standings:

  • *Aina: 8 pts
  • *Momo: 6 pts
  • Saki: 6 pts
  • Maina: 6 pts
  • Nadeshiko: 2 pts
  • Manatsu: 0 pts

Aina the End is still in, and Saki is now in the driver’s seat for the second spot. Momo and Maina are both still in the running, though. It’s gonna be a good last day!



Ultimately, there was a minimum attempt to get idols involved, and none actually met the stipulations of the division, so let’s just honor the effort! Ano and Beni from You’ll Melt More! and Avandoned, respectively, got enough love to move on, and far be it from me to question the will of the people.


My dastardly plan almost worked; despite some early cooperation, Ten Tenko and Rinahamu ultimately couldn’t see eye to eye, and ayumikurikamaki very nearly pulled it out until being the unlucky recipient of an Attitude Adjustment by none other than Tenten herself (yes, all of them at once, it was amazing), and Rina slid in for the cover on Maki. Thus ends her quixotic attempt to overcome two of the real driving creative forces in idol and ex-idol, so Ten Tenko and Rinahamu advance.

The Look

Final standings:

  • *Sari: 6 pts
  • *Waka: 3 pts
  • Pikarin: 3 pts
  • Younapi: 0 pts

Sari, despite having to play her way in, was a dominant force. Younapi, a letdown! Pikarin and Waka both had a chance to seize a decisive victory, but of course they reached a draw. I then am forced to turn to score differential (odd for a wrestling event!), and Waka advances with +1 against Pikarin’s -2. I don’t know how that happened, but it did! Guso Drop doing well!

New School

Final standings:

  • *Ayuni D: 6 pts
  • *Pan Luna Leafy: 4 pts
  • Mishina Ruka: 2 pts
  • Chiyono Ide: 0 pts

This was much less dramatic than hoped, and the two WACK-aligned favorites advanced despite some shakiness on the part of Pan Luna.

Next Week

We take stock of where we are and look forward to the real competition to come next week!

Current Queen of the Scene Entrants

  • Su-metal
  • Kakizaki Risaki
  • Pour Lui
  • KOTO
  • Yurapiko
  • Imada Yuna
  • Hanako-san
  • Aina the End
  • Momose Momo
  • Ten Tenko
  • Rinahamu
  • Ano
  • Beni
  • Sari
  • Wakapiku
  • Ayuni D
  • Pan Luna Leafy

What a ride!

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  1. I’m not familiar with Manatsu or Nadeshiko’s specific voices. I’m gonna have to lean on somebody for some showcase videos!

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