PLIC PROCK Just Made a Huge, Nice Pivot

“Oh neat, a new PLIC PROCK MV!” said I yesterday as the buzz exploded through my MTs. “I can’t wait to see their next adventures through very loud idolcore with very cool and good choreography!”

Boy, was I surprised.

I mean, they still get a nice beat drop in there, but this sucker was so far out of left field that I immediately went “Sunday,” which is not a place where I’d normally want to reserve anything from Parallel/PLIC PROCK, who are usually quite loud, but this is the very definition of easy. I kept waiting for Sari to stomp a huge-ass hole in the beach or something, but nope!

But I’ll give it this: It’s a nice song, and it’s a sound that PLIC PROCK should consider doing a little bit more; there ain’t a damn thing wrong with a solid ballad.