100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 63: Loud Asymmetry

But I didn’t even catch up to it until mere minutes were left in the preview, and I had no opportunity to do anything! How to handle this and make sure that folks could get to hear the new track? Terry and the Viz came to the rescue, that’s how.

Listen to it here!

The members of course did a lot of the heavy lifting in the promotion (as well as in the song), of course with Shidare in the lead (as in the song):

Cococo unfortunately is feeling a little penguiny about it:

Tsuya is typically effusive, even bringing her panda back into play, and just way into the release:

Komachi, on the other hand? Suitably muted:

As for the song? It’s definitely suitably titled, and I want to find out if anybody other than just Shidare was on the harsh mic, because that was some extended action.

UPDATE: Sander has the lyrics!

Loud Asymmetry
作詞:GESSHI類 作曲:水谷和樹

Loud! アンバランス xi and Do or Die
張り裂け永遠いLight say TSUMANMAI

FAKEのアレコレ あやふやフォトグラフ
見失う 真実は磨耗(斬! 暗闇 残! 喰らった?)
いい加減不戦勝 ベクトルあちこち

召ませDICE 多面的警告
未来の 泣き顔の その奥に幸あれ
笑ってよいいよ 不器用なまま
不揃い 夢から醒めた朝に…

Silent night and cry and cry Why?

Dead Line? to lie or Die
瞑想 幻想 連想 Done 啓蒙 深層 憐情 OWANNAI

Raise × Blind

そうして いつまで 鬱ぎ込む 総じて
慢性凶悪孤独感 勧善懲悪無頼派
論破不完全ご法度 酷く不安?

FAKEはそこら中 曖昧モノグラム
見失う 真実と虚像(斬! 暗闇 残! 喰らった?)
いい加減 毅然と 1人と、背中合わせ
非対称 其れだ鳴らせる。

召ませDICE 対称の暴力
欺瞞に満ち満ちた 存在価値は?
笑っててどうか 不器用で居て
不揃い 夢から醒めぬ朝を

Cry and cry and cry end cry. Why?

7 thoughts on “100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 63: Loud Asymmetry

  1. As usual with all their songs its all four of them screaming(as it says in the tweets about the song lol), cant you tell the difference between their screams yet bruhhh?

  2. This immediately jumps high into my ranks of favorite tracks from them. When asked, I describe Tsurezure as “Perfume meets Cannibal Corpse with a math rock influence”. This best justifies that description I think.

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