There’s a New NEMLESSS EP, and Of Course It’s Amazing

So it figures that, right after declaring Utane Yuki’s Nemlesss EP BOSSSRUSH to be my favorite of that type of release of 2017, she’d go ahead and put out a follow-up, right? Well, it also figures that I completely missed that Chris very enthusiastically shared that news with me, but I was paying zero attention and had no idea until, well, just the other day.

But here’s the trailer!

It’s so weird and chaotic!

You can listen to one entire track here:

Absolutely absurd.

I have no idea what, if anything, happened to Yuki’s joint project with Oshi that I feel like first came up about a year ago, and that used to bother me a little bit (can you imagine Sari on tracks like this?), but I’ve grown to accept it: The Project That Maniac Used to Call Nameless has really been one the more pleasurable post-graduation-from-a-thing-I-loved experiences to witness, and this latest release has me hoping for real that Yuki’s able to parlay her very unique brand of electronic insanity into something workably long-term. Bless her incomparably weird heart.

Also look at this outfit:


4 thoughts on “There’s a New NEMLESSS EP, and Of Course It’s Amazing

  1. I should say that this isn’t an official NEMLESSS release but she sings all the songs and writes all the lyrics so it effectively is. It’s actually…well I’m not sure really. Something to do with Comiket which I understand is a sort of fancy-dress party and Touhou which appears to be a series of bloody difficult looking computer games. NEMLESSS’sss nem isn’t on it anyway. My copy is currently collecting dust in a Japanese warehouse while it waits for the Dots album to join it.

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