Oshi Digest #20: Sinigami

As Maniac sees to the real year end/beginning stuff, Oshi Digest is already late, so let’s get it out without further ado!

Oshi is back in Japan, obviously, and her human birthday (which you can keep tabs on via @sari_birth, which is also the name of the most terrifying event in the history of the cosmos) is approaching. This means tribute, and respect, but mostly tribute. When even Hanako-san herself is making art for you, you are going well for yourself:

Oshi received lots and lots of gifts for/around Christmas, as befits her, though I think she liked receiving a facehugger in a jar more than anything else:

Truly a terrifying post-person.

The hits from Necroma’s U.S. sojourn just keep on coming; here are the members playing a couple of games, because why not?

Oshi is terrible at this, but at least I know what gift to get for when next we meet. No, not jellybeans.

Also, Ninja, I’d appreciate a little less shade-throwing at Oshi next time

Oshi wishes you a great 2018!