I Completely Missed Panda Mic’s New MV, So Let’s Remedy That Right Now

So funny little story, you guys: About a month ago, I set up notifications for Panda Mic’s Twitter account because they kept announcing their first single and release events and everything, and I, an unabashed fan of this weird little kawaiicore project, didn’t want to miss out when they inevitably dropped an MV on us. Alas, they seemed to be on a codomoomental-on-steroids approach to video, and literal weeks passed without so much as a sniff of MV to promote the single.

Then they slipped it through on the day after Christmas and what’s a Maniac to do, anyway? I was too full of pudding and mulled wine and goat cheese logs to notice!

Here you go:

I mean, that’s good as hell. I knew that Panda Mic was a cool and promising project, but … depending on how you want to look at it, I’m counting everything from proggy acid jazz to surf rock in this thing, all wrapped up in a neat idol package with some vaguely punk trim on the ribbons. It’s totally delightful. And the choreo, what we can see of it, is way more creative than I was willing to give them credit for originally. Remember, these girls of an age with the hilariously junior RIOT BABY, so this totally artistic bent is just a heaping spoonful of Quik over Yoohoo. The kids are all right!