Yui’s Solo Debut Is the Best Outcome of the WACK Thing

Hey, a couple of days late never hurt anybody. Folks have spilled a ton of tears and ink and whatnot over the WACK solo debut election results, which could not have been less surprising overall (my girl Chitti taking #1, just a tiny bit off expectation). For me, though, it was the awarding of a solo debut to the #16 finisher, Yui Ga Dokuson, that took the cake.

John with the overall details:

Well, WACK had their vote to determine who gets a solo debut release. The show was about two hours long on niconico. A couple twists and turns, pretty uneventful…… almost.

via WACK – Solo Debut Voting, A Bit Odd — Straight From Japan

It’s like Brian said:

Which is no disrespect for Aina or Chitti*, obviously, but a way to acknowledge that the WACK roster has plenty of talent and interesting people in it, so giving some of them a chance to branch out and earn some additional attention, that’s good stuff. And, for what it’s worth, GANG PARADE’s deep membership could have easily resulted in the eminently crowd-pleasing Maika or Aya, but they chose the quirky girl with the dyed eyebrows and oversized glasses for a solo gig on the house indie imprint. That’s neat in its own way, and I hope it has some intent behind it.

Like, I’ve been saying since almost this time last year that Aina’s a short-timer with BiSH at this point; they’ll do something really big, and that will be her/their cue for her to transition to some kind of (likely solo) other project. Chitti, while all idols do eventually stop being idols, I hadn’t considered as likely to move on to greener pastures; nonetheless, getting an official solo debut when you’re one of the top personalities in the company for going on three years now, that could be read as positioning for future endeavors. So with that scenario in front of you, you take advantage of the time you have to get fans used to the idea of certain other people getting bigger, heavier, more front-and-center roles.

Or maybe the whole thing is just about getting as much cash out of the people who management believes to be the most bankable, period, and Yui would score notes with the more indie-inclined fans. Who knows!