The Never-Ending DOTS Evolution Prepares For Its Next Incarnation

Wow, it was a busy weekends for the dot-chans! First they had their (possibly) breakthrough moment performing at the Tokyo Idol Festival, basking in a quick brush with the mainstream at what’s the biggest idol event in Japan, but that wasn’t even all!

Not only did they perform at the big “corporate” idol event, they kept a foot firmly planted by their roots by showing up at the “Underground Idol Festival” (UTIF) and performed under that banner too! These girls and their management clearly understand where they come from and aren’t about to burn bridges with the chika circuit, and good for them.

And then, in addition to that, dot-chans then made another appearance, this time at Maker Faire Tokyo, where they rubbed elbows with another breed of artists: The technology-minded DIY creatives who enjoy tinkering with their own devices and inventions scratch built from one’s own hands. It was the perfect match for them, as the Dots utilized the fair to present their own forward-thinking efforts to develop new and innovative ways to connect idols with their fans. You may recall an article published here last here last year that showcased such new marvels as the “Five Senses Cheki” and the usage of heart monitors to enhance the bond between wota and their oshis.

The Dot-chans are still hard at work to raise the idol experience to the next level. Looking around Twitter, I found a few comments from attendees unfamiliar with the group expressing their newfound interest in the girl’s endeavors. Another success at bringing new faces into their fold!

Some photos from Maker Faire Tokyo…

And with all that flurry of activity, there was another equally important announcement that was revealed this week, perhaps one a bit more melancholy for some of their fans. Two of the chans are removing their visors and moving onto a new plane of existence, because Dot-chans do not graduate, but rather assume new forms in their own personal evolution.

It’s very important to remember another piece of dots-related lore that this blog discussed last year as well. The chans are essentially ethereal beings who manifest themselves as human girls while wearing the visors. These chans will not “graduate” in any traditional idol sense, and they won’t be simply replaced by new members. What will be happening is that the physical embodiment of two dot-chans will be taking on new forms. The Dots are advanced shape-shifting beings beyond mere humanity, and this is the way things happen in their time on Earth.

. human (a state called an idol wearing sunglasses) symbols / shapes characters / words vibration thing (Odor · taste · inorganic matter · clothing · vehicle etc.) gas / liquid two dimensions (fictional)character light, sound, voice human.

All of these morphological changes are merely various shapes of , and there is no superiority or inferiority. It is not that idol changes into various shapes, but is observed as various shapes, phenomena and that one form is idol. In Dots’ expression, smell, taste, vibration, updating Twitter and video, etc. are as important as the show.

The metaphysical aspects aside, I personally am resigned to not mourn the parting of dots I’ve grown accustomed to. It’s all part of the way of idols, after all, and the Dots have chosen to embrace the change with a more positive and interesting focus that makes this rather exciting and and refreshing. I have no doubt the visor-less girls will go on to great things that may not involve being in the public eye, and that’s terrific for them. Just be grateful that they walked among humanity and brought us music, charm, and a new way to see a genre we love.