If New Broken By The Scream Can’t Wake You Up, Nothing Can

Over 30 months of being a fancy idol blogger, I’ve learned how to keep things rolling at an even keel. The enthusiasm that you start with ultimately has to compete with half a hundred other things in life, to say nothing of the crushing disappointments that idol sends your way on a roughly quarterly basis, so you find yourself employing little survival strategies to balance it all out. Me, I’ve learned not just how to better manage my time, but that I don’t need to strain against constraints on that time. If it happens, it happens; if it doesn’t, there’s the Weekender.

I say all this to set up the fact that I’ve had some really tight time constraints lately, but you bet your sweet ass that I had my alarm set to go off for when Broken By The Scream announced that this MV going to drop:

“Sayonara Birthday”!

This song broke my capacity to think. It doesn’t help that it’s currently 6:23! But for real, my initial reaction couldn’t have been more negative, a combined “wtf formulaic” and “too much beats!” and “why did that sound like that” that nonetheless defied articulation, just a gas face and switching tabs to see what else was going on. After the third run run through that chorus, though? When I was temporarily doing some other things to make up the time? I finally felt like I could dig it. And then I hummed the thing for the next hour because I’m a dork.

Which takes me to wondering exactly what all they’re going to be doing with AN ALIEN’S PORTRAIT. My one knock on SCREAMING RHAPSODY was that it did too much of the same things, less by formula than just being limited in scope, so I’m curious to see if the totality of the new material on here can avoid the same trap, or at least not repeat things that we’ve already heard too many times. Or just avoid really jarring song elements! BBTS’s one-day appearance at TIF was a good opportunity, but they know as well as anybody that they’re a crossover act, and being able to appeal to metal fans is going to dictate how far they can take this thing. How people react to this — new song, new album — will probably be the most important bellwether.