NEXT Shoujo Jiken Will Stab No More

I’m going to kick off Tuesday (Valentine’s Day!) with sad news for anybody who loves indies, metal, on-stage violence and merry chaos; the project known as NEXT Shoujo Jiken is wrapping up at its third-anniversary one-man* on March 20:

The group’s been Mai plus whichever of her good friends (like Yuri!) was able to join her on stage for a while, but Mai Jiken just put out an album a little while back, and I was hopeful that things could continue.

Anyway, the details of the decision are included in that tweet (if you can Japanese); for me, I’m just going to mourn a little for a cool idol project that had a can’t-look-away quality that most can’t boast.

I’m considering this the WTF for this Tuesday, too, so don’t expect anything weird, ya goofs!

TY as always, Pukovnik Krv!

*I’m dumb.

2 thoughts on “NEXT Shoujo Jiken Will Stab No More

  1. The 3rd Anniversary one-man was yesterday (2/13), the graduation show will be 3/20, I believe a taiban at Meguro Rockmaykan.

    Not surprised at all about this, it’s felt a long time coming…

    Wish I could get my hands on the album, though…

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