Wow, PassCode’s Kind of Going for It

As we saw yesterday, “MISS UNLIMITED,” PassCode’s debut major label single, sounds like we have a lot of PassCode’s best side to enjoy going forward as they take the next step in their career. And what does that next step look like?

Well, if the media that PassCode’s been sharing out is any indication, it might be pretty ambitious.

This one isn’t quite Rolling Stone, but it is placement in a loud music magazine that has Korn on the cover, so:

Again: It was Nao who noticed the trend of divisions between idol and band blurring, and if heavy idols are getting coverage in that kind of media, it shows that others are thinking the same kinds of things.

But the coverage in this article “goes there,” as I understand the kids say a lot these days:

Give that a click and use translation if you need to. Yes, it mentions Babymetal and PassCode’s being compared to them, but the most interesting thing to me is that it flat-out cites PassCode’s emerging international popularity in that context. Basically, you guys, they — PassCode, management, the label, the music media — notice, and the landscape is starting to change in a way that I think we’ll like.

Also interesting? The first time I’ve seen the term “loudol” in the press. I think I can get used to that.

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