I Have Seen the Future of Idolcore, and It Is Good

What do you get when you combine PassCode, speed metal guitar solos, a random symphonic break and minimalist choreography?

That’s FreFre Chime Fes (Twitter | Facebook). Versatile rock idols with a definite affinity for the good stuff. Their whole thing is after-school club activity. Like:

It’s a nice song, all right?

This one could almost come from SRAM:

They’re taking part in Idol Matsuri, too, in Kanto B (in fact, they’re currently in second place, so good for them).

Anyway, there’s an ever-growing glut of stuff on their YouTube channel; if I were a betting Maniac, I’d be putting my money on “we’ll be seeing more of these girls for sure.” Their management seems to have some ambition.

One thought on “I Have Seen the Future of Idolcore, and It Is Good

  1. Very very interesting…That first song is the spitting image of something from Passcode minus Yuna’s spark. Gonna have to investigate a little further before committing to liking them or not, sine the other two songs on here are a little on the lighter side.

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