Come Listen to ‘WORLD END CRISIS’ and Lo

Remember that awesome announcement from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da the other day about how Shidare from sister group Yukueshirezutsurezure was going to join them for a new song to be debuted on Saturday, and it was going to be called “WORLD END CRISIS” and definitely involve harsh vocals?

It’s here. With lyrics.

It’s fantastic.

It’s also one of those things with the two-hour window, so … you know, there are ways around that.


刺して犯した 何処の奥まで
決して、日和った? 意気地なし
Where is Freud? 宵と欲動
The Order…

賭して奪った 星の数だけ
欠けて腐った さようなら…
焦がれてく 大罪bluff 逆さま NO AI

下弦 月が照らす 怪者達ヨ その目は…

震えてる今も ”あたしはどこ?” 残酷な時の調べに
この首絞めるの? 堕ちるのダレ?

in dark diver. With XXX
But , I can not. Are not move legs
To your lingering scent, what intensely numbness.
So not a move from here . but you do not.
Overwhelming loneliness

迷い苦悩痛みもがき 求めずにはいられない
( imperial craving )
咎を背負い歩く ゆえに 奇祭とツミビト
( indelible scar

震えてる暇も 時間もない 慟哭は絶えず鳴り散る
この首絞めるの? 堕ちる雫
あなただけが “触れるの…”

溶ける脳と想い 俯瞰 届かない? 夢物語?
違う! 張り裂けるこの胸 汚れを汚して.

震えてる今を。 “あたしはなに?” 残響のアシンメトリー


Calling all translators!

Here’s Shidare recording:

9 thoughts on “Come Listen to ‘WORLD END CRISIS’ and Lo

  1. Well I tried, it’s not super accurate and I’d love someone better to have ago, but here is my go at a translation for now, at least i get what there saying now.

    up to where you back stabbed me
    I never knew the date? Coward
    Where is Freud? late night drive
    alive and immoral
    The Order.

    it took only the number the number of stars
    missing a rotten goodbye
    I yearned for grave sins, bluff the opposite NO AI long.

    This quarter moon Illuminates the wonder in my eyes.

    Still trembling “where was I? “When a cruel melody plays”
    my neck is chocked? The fall of me?
    But I’m already broken.

    in dark diver. With XXX
    But, I can not… Are not move legs
    To your lingering scent, what intensely numbness.
    So not a move from here. but you do not.
    Overwhelming loneliness

    hesitant suffering distressed child, Can’t help without asking.
    (imperial craving)
    to walk shouldering the blame in this strange festival of sinners
    (indelible scar’s)

    Trembling time, no time, this ringing constantly distracting me
    my neck is chocked? tear Drops fall
    Only you “touch of …”

    The feelings never reach my brain they go overhead, empty dream?
    its not the same! This heartbreak leaves a dirty stain.
    Shaking now. “What was I? it echos together.
    This neck is choked. If you fall
    Just you and i will fall in.

    For there is only one thing, let me say just one thing. I’m you
    Wanted wanted wanted wanted wanted wanted wanted
    Does not collect and hold.

  2. LOL.Why all the screaming and the anger, is it because:
    A.Didn’t get to be a color group
    B.Someone mixed up their Legos
    C.Mommy asked them to clean up their room
    D.Sailor Moon got cancelled
    E.No real singing ability
    F.Angry at the “system”
    G.Actually listened to Ariana Grande
    H.Found out Santa isn’t real
    I.Only 298 Facebook likes
    J. Realized chocolate isn’t a vegetable
    K.No money
    L.No future
    M.Fan base consists of 13yr olds in their “rebellious” phase
    N.Mommy won’t let them stay up past 8pm
    O.Someone pissed in their sandbox
    P.Only 9,000 Twitter followers
    Q.Found out Hello Kitty isn’t a real cat
    R.Puppy died
    S.Mommy won’t let them get a tattoo
    T.Or piercing
    U.All the original, good concepts have been done

    All of the above?

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