Never a Better Name for a Sister Group: SiS Is Coming

As the BiS audition odyssey wrapped up, out came the news that the … “rejects” is such a harsh term, maybe “partial qualifiers” per the old NCAA rules? partial qualifiers weren’t going to be cast aside, but would be given the opportunity to join a new BiS sister group, to be known as SiS. A handful of the prospective members who weren’t emotionally destroyed after 72 hours of song, dance, running, poison food and a very unfortunate bikini contest were even introduced at New BiS’s debut live.

And now we know a little bit more about SiS!

That’s so great! I’m very happy to see that Bug Me decided to continue (sentimental favorite), and that Bizarro Nozomi found a home. But where are Ton Tonko and Tsuttsu?

TonTon, despite having all of the support of one Homicidol Maniac, had her final straw be the run (of course Junnosuke wanted to do a run) and quit pretty much on the spot, so I guess there was no offer to SiS extended to her.

As for Pseudo Chitti, I’ll let our friend @no3982 explain:

Wild. Imagine being that person. You could’ve been that dude who got to join Journey, but instead you’ll go back to not being in the group that you idolize (ha) so much that you lead a group that performs covers of their songs. Rough.

Also of note: These are definitely not the members’ names! Those are their audition names, and the (provisional) is still appended to each, so expect that they’ll wind up being called things like Godzilla and Aya Eight Prince and whatnot. AND, that (provisional) is still on SiS’s name, too, which makes me think that Junnosuke only had a little bit of imagination at the time / might want to give the group more of its own identity even if it’s BiS’s official sister/rival, so that name could be changing, too.

Their debut live, at which presumably all of this will be revealed, will be on the 25th, free to attend (other than whatever means must be employed to get in the door, up to and including knife fighting) and held at the same club that BiS has now debuted at twice (and BiSH once), the tiny Heavy Sick ZERO in Nakano.

Personally, if they’re going to be making changes to SiS, I hope they get into the whole concept. Have them do hip-hop or groovecore or something interesting. Make them impossibly elegant and sophisticated. Go full GG Allin. Just don’t do a mini-BiS, okay?

9 thoughts on “Never a Better Name for a Sister Group: SiS Is Coming

  1. With the Introduction of passpo here and the trademark kakko kari introduced there i hereby request an immediate Up Up Girls(仮) section to be added.

  2. Wasn’t the “rival group” of the original BiS? And what is BiSH to Pour Lui? Chopped liver? Maybe they signed a peace accord with Dempagumi when it was clear they were immeasurably more successful than BiS 😛
    I’m glad to see Nozumu (仮) will ride again. Her storming the stage with Bug Me and Terayama(?) was my favorite part of BiS 2’s debut. What will this rivalry consist of? Will it be like Natsu no Mamono vs. Black DPG with full-on hand to hand combat?
    And if not Watanabe, then whom? Don’t say the Gang Parade manager guy, I don’t think our hearts could take it…

    • Oh that’s right! I forgot about the management piece — under WACK, I think, but Especia’s manager will be handling that direction. /swoons

      Especia is just one step removed from absolute perfection, so I’ll actually go ahead and predict a lot of post-80s synth pop and KOTO-esque vaporwave inspiration. So not all that dissimilar to BiS’s first album!

    • Brand New Rival Society would have been a little too on-the-nose… Now that there’s 3 BiS-sounding groups out there, it’s really going to make us draw comparisons, whether they want us to or not.

  3. hopefully, they choose to rival BiS by taking the “still not loud enough, still not fast enough” approach.
    Am I the only person who wants to hear grindcore-idol? Probably.

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