DEEP GIRL’s Commitment to ‘Misery Business’ Results in Pro-shot MV

It’s only been nine months since the last official release of something from DEEP GIRL; Showroom must have gotten tired of being pinged constantly to do something and figured that splicing together some live footage with …

… You know what this means, right? That there’s an official recording of “Misery Business,” and DEEP GIRL did the vocals? Why, I do believe they have something cooking, and doing Mashiro’s favorite song is just an appetizer!

Which, okay, fine. But Showroom, did you or did you not play an official video for “STEREO” at the birthday celebration, and have you or have you not simply refused to release it? I’m starting to think you guys aren’t very good at this.

Nonetheless, their tour dates (first real tour!) and first one-man (first … first one-man!) are tacked on at the end, so maybe, JUST MAYBE, Showroom will be able to make this thing work.

One thought on “DEEP GIRL’s Commitment to ‘Misery Business’ Results in Pro-shot MV

  1. Showing live footage like that, but with the recording vocals, not live sound, and without the crowd noises, is kinda shit… there’s a big disconnect between what you see and what you hear. It also seems like it’s edited by the same guys who did the PARMS DVDs, super-fast cuts all the time. Interesting that DEEPGIRL performed with a band, and that the crowd seemed decent, though.

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