SiS Speaks! Tons of Photos and Fresh Interview from the Sister/Rivals

See comments below for context and a fantastic joke, but it appears that Bug Me ultimately did decide that she didn’t want to be a part of this and, well.

This is fun and cool! SiS, aka all of the BiS auditioners who didn’t make the cut with the exception of two, are still definitely going to be a thing, and that thing is an official sister / rival group, and they’ve been teasing all kinds of fun stuff about their name (mostly) as their debut approaches:

Junnosuke is RUDE.

They’re also at the very least a serious point of interest, as Billboard Japan sat down with them for a pretty substantial interview:

I just know that somebody out there wants to translate this hoss and feel like a bigshot in front of all of their friends.

Update: If you want to watch their debut live on Sunday, this is how:

Just watch out, because the link is dead as of the moment and they may update it. Check @SiSidolOFFICIAL for confirmation.

9 thoughts on “SiS Speaks! Tons of Photos and Fresh Interview from the Sister/Rivals

  1. If the group’s premise is that they’re the rejects who weren’t selected for BiS, then SiS is already more BiS than BiS!
    Everyone post ur favz: Nozomu, Nozomu, Nozomu

      • I was thinking so too but I can’t tell who’s missing and I haven’t looked at it in much detail. (Ubu was missing from the BiS Billboard interview but they acknowledged it).

        4 SiS + 4 BiS + Tontonko + TsuTsu only makes 10 (+ Pour Lui). Not gonna lie, I scribbled down notes during the audition… but I don’t have them here at work 😛

        Shoot, if somebody already left SiS, then they really ARE more BiS than BiS!

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