Watanabe finally got his commupance

With the trainwreck that is the WACK auditions, my first promise when I was handed the keys to Homicidols.com was to get in contact at WACK HQ and make sure Watanabe finally got what was coming to him. That smug git has tortured idols in the name of publicity long enough! It’s about time we showed this man some humility.

So I arranged a special event, hosted by Pour Lui herself, with some help from BiS, BiSH, Gang Parade, the one girl from SiS that’s currently in idol purgatory, the other WACK eliminations who are also in idol purgatory; all for the sole purpose of expressing their feelings towards old Junnosuke himself; with paddles.

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How’s Your Saturday? Maybe Watch the BiS Rebirth Documentary

It’s a story we all know pretty well by now, but heck, if you can Japanese or even just like being able to reminisce about the BiS training camp, this digest-version shot documentary put together by the fine humans at Lute might tickle your fancy.

Man. For a month that seems to have a release from just about everybody coming at some point, February’s kind of the blah so far. Continue reading

Did You Guys Know There Was another SiS Trailer?

I was very randomly poking around YouTube and thought, “Hey, I could go for another watch of the WHO KiLLED IDOL? trailer, seeing people get their dreams crushed repeatedly is pretty great when there’s still a happy ending for a few of them,” so I did a usual search for “SiS” and … well, I haven’t seen this one before.

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The Brief Life and Brutal Death of SiS: The Movie


So the edited-up version of the BiS auditions airs tonight (or now, I guess, or tomorrow? Japanese dates confuse me), and it’s probably a good recap for those of us who watched pretty much the entire audition boot camp as if there were going to be any insights — hell, if you were paying attention, it was clear from early on who the winners were going to be, lending credence to the it-was-all-a-stunt-of-course-it-was-this-is-Watanabe-we’re-talking-about of it all.

For many, the most interesting outcome of the auditions wasn’t New BiS, but the spin-off sister/rival group SiS, the prototype of which stormed the stage at the New BiS debut and got people really excited and then had themselves a really cool debut live of their own and then … well.

While SiS is definitely in the running for a number of Best of 2016 categories, their life and death and GANG PARADEsurrection were still pretty great drama, so it’s fitting that this is happening:

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GANG PARADE Is Now a Vampire

Cancel the troll job! We now know the actual fate of SiS and its members:

As soon as I saw “COCO” in there, I cringed hard

Here’s Junnosuke explaining things:

If anybody wants to give that a quicky translation for us, much obliged

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How Hard Can We Troll the Troll?


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Nope, SiS Was Just an Epic Troll Job?


I guess all that other stuff was just …

There’s more to this. Somehow. Right?

It’s a Good Idea to Get Excited about SiS

The new BiS’s official sister/rivals made their debut yesterday, of course at Heavy Sick Zero, and they did it in style.

Like, wow, their first songs are legitimately really good and they even did pretty okay with the BiS covers!

Look at those outfits!

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SiS Speaks! Tons of Photos and Fresh Interview from the Sister/Rivals

See comments below for context and a fantastic joke, but it appears that Bug Me ultimately did decide that she didn’t want to be a part of this and, well.

This is fun and cool! SiS, aka all of the BiS auditioners who didn’t make the cut with the exception of two, are still definitely going to be a thing, and that thing is an official sister / rival group, and they’ve been teasing all kinds of fun stuff about their name (mostly) as their debut approaches:

Junnosuke is RUDE.

They’re also at the very least a serious point of interest, as Billboard Japan sat down with them for a pretty substantial interview: Continue reading

Never a Better Name for a Sister Group: SiS Is Coming

As the BiS audition odyssey wrapped up, out came the news that the … “rejects” is such a harsh term, maybe “partial qualifiers” per the old NCAA rules? partial qualifiers weren’t going to be cast aside, but would be given the opportunity to join a new BiS sister group, to be known as SiS. A handful of the prospective members who weren’t emotionally destroyed after 72 hours of song, dance, running, poison food and a very unfortunate bikini contest were even introduced at New BiS’s debut live.

And now we know a little bit more about SiS!

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