Get in the Mood for Sunday

Though most of the Anglophone world is already deeply into Sunday, it’s still mid-morning here. NFL football is done for a little while, baseball is literally just starting Spring Training, basketball and hockey are both in that weird mid-season malaise before the real action starts. And heaven friggin’ forbid that you actually do anything productive with your time — it’s Sunday! The God of Abraham flat-out said “don’t work on Sunday, bro”* and gave us the Daytona 500 to mostly ignore.

To get you ready for browsing through the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist (and notice the BiSH stuff that needs to be replaced!), why not take some time to check out this performance by Tokyo Rockets?

This sister group of Party Rockets GT has been around for a little while, but their output pales compared to their big sisters (who they may now out-age, even, I dunno). I’d like for them to do more, as they’re on the metal-ish end of kawaiicore and there isn’t enough there, period (to which Cutie Corpse replies …).

*Not an actual quote.