Migma HELLter, Amirite?

Um, guys…


So at last night’s AQBI DIG event, it was announced that Kotejun, Popopo Po Po Jr. and Amari will graduate from MIGMA SHELTER on July 8, the same time that the group’s official hiatus begins.

We all knew that there would be a membership shake-up once the hiatus ended, however, the initial announcement led many of us to believe that the current girls would at least be safe and that this would simply be an update to fill the gaps Yoneko and Seisei left behind, rather than an almost total do-over of the current system. So it looks like the situation might just be far more dire than expected. Right now, it brings to mind two situations:

So, are MIGMA SHELTER heading down the same road as Bellring? Who really knows at this point, but it would certainly be interesting to see these girls show up in other AQBI projects. Maybe all three of them will join GuGu LULU in order to maintain their image of Ayano stealing salty ex-idols for her own gain.

Speaking of salt, of course this had to happen just a couple of days after delaring PoPoPo as my new MIGMA SHELTER oshi. Of course it did.

The lesson here? Never love anything

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