Holy Shit, Bellring Girls Heart Is Losing Graduates and Taking a Break

Ayano and Mizuho are graduating, and, if I’m reading this right, Bellheart’s putting things on hold at the end of the year pending a reboot:


Now I understand why they’ve been auditioning people left and right for a while; they’re gonna have to replace these two weirdos.

I don’t think this means a long hiatus (for the group), just that they’re going to run out the string on their schedule (and probably plan some big stuff for December), then spend the early part of the year putting things back together. So an actual hiatus, not the way that’s usually code language for death in idol.

These three seem downright serene with the whole business:

I guess this makes Best BRGH make a lot more sense, huh?

Mizuho and Ayano. Damn, we’re gonna have to do something nice for them.

10 thoughts on “Holy Shit, Bellring Girls Heart Is Losing Graduates and Taking a Break

  1. This really sucks. Mizuho and Ayano were the last reasons I still payed any attention at all to Bellring…

    I guess I still like Kai a bit, but not that much, so they’ll be dead for me now.

  2. Ayano is going forward on a solo career and from what I gather from the Natalie article Mizuho had decided 「アイドル活動は10代で終了」meaning “idol activities will end with the teen years” as she is turning 20 early next year. I guess she is taking the Moechi route and looking for a career for long term financial support.

    If Tanaka is as musically/artistically genius as I believe he is then I’m sure he is being extremely careful with choosing the right members from these auditions. Still very sad to see these two graduate. Mizuho is one of the originals and Ayano was practically there from the beginning too.

  3. I doubt on anything in December. As far as I understood, the hiatus is starting with that month. So maybe a graduation live at the end of November? Ayano and Mizuho will stay in the group until then, right?

    But anyway, I am shocked! This was totally not forseeable.

    The hiatus itself though is not surprising. The former graduations of the group (f.e. Yuuka and Juri) always left enough members for performances – at least 4. They seem not to dare to perform as a three-piece and therefore will choose and train new members. Maybe the new additions will learn all the songs, to avoid them performing in different line-ups again during several tracks?
    It is hard to tell since when the decision of graduation was known to the management. I agree that now it would make sense that they delayed it over and over again.

    Anyway, the group does great music and will have my continuous support- I can focus more on Kanra now, lol. But seriously, it will be interesting to see, how the fanbase will change or if they stay faithfully. Ayano and Mizuho have a huge number of fans.

    By the way, I am not fond of the word REBOOT. It is “just” graduation, not an entirely change of line-up.

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