Life after Death for BRGH’s Mizuho

Not even a week ago, Bellring Girls Heart held their final appearance (as Bellring Girls Heart). Tears were shed. Two long-time members, Ayano and Mizuho, were graduating, Ayano to pursue a solo career (which should be interesting) and Mizuho to retire from entertainment; an idol and Bellheart member since she was 15, she felt it was time to move on with her life’s work. It was a bittersweet goodbye.

And then, in the most punk rock thing possible, Mizuho showed up yesterday as a member of wrestling/rock/idol/band thing Natsu no Mamono:

This ongoing thread in the Bellring Girls Heart group on Facebook is instructive: Mizuho was definitely done and leaving Bellheart and definitely retiring, but their participation in Natsu no Mamono’s festival a few months ago got her acquainted with the members, who kept on her about joining up. The seed in her brain grew into a tree, and she finally decided that she was going to do something fun for herself, so she decided to take the plunge.

Various details and photos, including well beyond Mizuho, are in this article:

Like, Mizuho changed her name. Surname. Not Asakura, but Asamiya

If you aren’t a fan (or as-of-yet unaware), Natsu no Mamono is interesting. Their music tends not to be my cup of tea for some reason, but it’s a lot of high-energy stuff depicted in ridiculous videos of hand-to-hand combat and other assorted violence. Our anonymous friend in Japan tells me that their shows usually involve wrestling that spills into the audience. Every single element is a good one, so maybe you’ll dig it more than I do:

Now imagine a slightly built former crow as part of that stage. Like I told our pal, if Mizuho winds up getting suplexed through a table, she has only herself to blame.

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  1. WHAT IN THE WORLD!? HAH! This is wonderful!!
    She and Anna had cameos (along with everyone else in Japan) in that “Summer every day” banger which, by the way, had lyrics by Mariko Goto. Another song on their album has lyrics by Oomori Seiko, if you still need convincing. I think Mizuho will be right at home in a band whose dial seems to be forever stuck on 101%

  2. @admin Do you have someone based in Japan and/or scouring Japanese Twitter? Reporting on this site always seems a little delayed. Are you reliant on English language facebook groups and the like? If so then having people who are able to provide tips quicker may do the site some good.

    Sorry if this is a discussion you have already had with yourself.

      • Sorry! It’s the tricky position of being 14 hours behind whatever happens in Japan. It’s sometimes a blessing (I found out about tonight this morning!) and a curse (I keep seeing things while I’m a work!).

        What if I told you that I sometimes write up things and then hit “Schedule” instead of “Publish” because they’re not tremendously pressing and would be better suited to happen a day or two late rather than in a big jumble with other stuff that’s happening at the same time?

        Madness. Never website.

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