Is This the New Face of Not-Bellring Girls Heart?

Well, yes, it is the new face of Not-Bellheart; more appropriately, it’s the face of There There Theres:

Amazing. Their debut one-man is on the 18th; they’re apparently going to unveil more of the image and members slowly between now and then. I think. I never know what to do when it comes to Bellheart-related stuff because they clearly enjoy screwing with us.

Also, wings: Apparently still there! At least for now! And tell me that you don’t recognize any of those three new girls, because I feel like I recognize at least one of them, but those of you who were actually in attendance at the audition stuff might know more about that. (You recognize Kai and ReiRei, right?)

Also-also: The name. My bob, the name. Tanaka (or somebody on staff) always has a flair for the clever when it comes to English, so whether this is merely a funny little twist on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (like, not in agreement or assent, but consolation) or somebody’s aware of the homophonic there/their/they’re problem but had alternative spellings in mind, or something else entirely because REMEMBER: THESE ARE WEIRD PEOPLE, I don’t know. But I do enjoy it a lot.

16 thoughts on “Is This the New Face of Not-Bellring Girls Heart?

  1. I love it. I can’t wait. I’ll actually be there in attendance for the first live. It’s a morning live too, which is odd, but fortunately works out so I can catch PassCode with a band later in the evening. But yeah the one girl at bottom left looks very familiar to me but I can’t think from where though. And I’m glad the black feathers are still there. The aesthetic is just too iconic.

    • You can always count on Viz. TTTs and PassCode on one day. Crazy. Waiting for the report! And have fun (no way not to) and get some goodies for us even if it is just scans to look at. Cool! Oh, I love TTTs. Very exited.

  2. I actually thought she was Rina Someno (from Haraeki Stage A) at first but it seems she is still with them so I don’t know. May just be a brand new girl fresh to Idol entirely.

    • I realize who I’m thinking of — Ruruko from Meltia; and after Nadeshiko found a home in YSM, that’s not entirely crazy (but it’s almost certainly not her, even with her new hime cut).

      • I thought she had a familiar look, too. But I don’t know any of those names you just mentioned, so I can’t be thinking of that! We’ll have to wait until details emerge from this writhing blob of feathers. Zeah Zeah Zeahs?

      • The bottom half of her face does resemble Ruruko but her eyes are shaped different. How cool would that be though? Nade in YSM, Ruruko in TTT. Then they better include my girl Yuratan as well (or I be angry wota). Add Airin into one of the three units and then there’s a whole bunch of meltia goodness and happy homes for Idols.

        Also, apparently there’s word that the girl at the top left corner is Hirasawa Mei from Fre-Fre Chime Festival.

  3. I like the new feathers. As for the name: At least it is easy to pronounce, not like Yanamyu’s 😉
    The new members faces by the photo alone don’t impress me, but Bellha, sorry, TTT staff is good in choosing members by character and stage presence. Need to wait for a live and then give them some months to adjust, until I can say more.

  4. Just a little bummed, i was hoping they would ditch the feathers- If your going to reboot and rename why not go with a new image… maybe they will?

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