An End and New Beginning for Mugen Regina

After all of the drama, what was practically a fait accompli going all the way back to June is now official — Suzuki Ayame is done with Mugen Regina:

You can read the official statement from Luna Factory here, as well as Ayame’s letter (if you can Japanese). And as if to lend credence to her actually being ill (for once), she’s not even going to get a farewell event with fans:

Or, possibly, somebody burned a bridge or something. I’ve largely given up hope of ever understanding what the hell’s going on behind the scenes.

However, all of that being acknowledged, Mugen Regina is in fact moving on.

New members! Or, like that says, trainees! Weren’t we just talking about this? Either way, it’s a breath of fresh life into a legitimately interesting alt-metal formation that I was seriously worried about, especially with sister group Haloperi Doll being dead for months now.

And can I just say that those two girls … uh … look kind of familiar? I actually wish that nobody in management realized that they were signing Ako’s and Ayame’s doppelgangers/stunt doubles, and the appearance thing is just a coincidence.

Regardless, I take this as a good, positive sign, and I hope the group can have some real stability. It’s now been about a year since they released their (interesting) album, and one would think that they’re due for another release sometime soon.