GANG PARADE Is Now a Vampire

Cancel the troll job! We now know the actual fate of SiS and its members:

As soon as I saw “COCO” in there, I cringed hard

Here’s Junnosuke explaining things:

If anybody wants to give that a quicky translation for us, much obliged

There tends to be a mood of gloom around poor GANG PARADE anymore; a project that’s still the descendant of a much-beloved post-BiS duo, Pla2me, has gone through enough iterations of membership, look and sound to be its own sub-agency, it seems like something newly dramatic happens every few months. Mere weeks ago, the whole thing seemed like it was on fumes.

So while there was plenty of reason to be excited about SiS in the first place (until this happened), maybe we can take this as a net positive; GANG PARADE gets an infusion of interesting new members and possibly a chance at a new fresh start (especially if those really cool SiS songs make the transition and we get Especia with an attitude shift) ((but if that were true, why have Maika debut with the “old” stuff?)), and the final three survivors of the BiS Audition Hunger Games audition training camp land in a place where they get to do something akin to what they thought they signed up for.

Or … I’d rather not say out loud what the Or might be.

3 thoughts on “GANG PARADE Is Now a Vampire

  1. The important bit starts at exactly 1:00 in where Watanabe says* “Girls! Show them how big I really am!”

    I’ve never really cared for Gang Parade/PoP/Pla2me but I’m glad (most of) the girls had a happy ending.

    * possibly

  2. Oh my goodness. Before I saw who it was, I thought they were just hiring 7 to get some insurance against graduations, with the aim of being a 5-member unit again.
    Now that I see who’s involved, I’ll suppress my first reaction of “NO KANABUN? NOT INTERESTED.” and say what we’re all thinking: does GP’s brand really align with SiS? The three girls from the last era of Gang Parade are genuinely musically talented, and they sure can sing. From what I’ve seen of SiS… they can’t. Yet?
    SiS was gonna be a motley crew of freaks and geeks, being “more BiS than BiS” but GP is fairly legit, isn’t it?
    I dunno, just tell me Nozumu’s ok and I’ll relax.

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