Listen to the New 143

Aside from world events, this week has been particularly weird because yours truly has been finding distractions in looking back at previously-known-but-kind-of-obscure idol acts and heretofore unknown idol acts. It’s a good way to burn off energy! But yeah, as mentioned in the earlier post from today, while I do have to get on my butt and try to feature as many debutantes as possible in the next couple of weeks, I’m still drawn to those acts that I connected with once upon a time and then to one degree or another lost track of. Tomorrow’s Weekender includes a great example; 143 here is another.

That song is a great example of why you continue to follow your Soundcloud feed even at times when it seems like nothing is hitting it! Came right out of nowhere. How fun. And lyrics? Lyrics!

Okay, now that you’ve listened to it, I consider my labors here complete.