Weekend Livestream Spotlight: FAREWELL MY, L.u.v, GARUDA, LiLii Kaona, BRATS + Broken By The Scream

Congratulations on surviving a particularly heinous week. The weekend is almost here and well deserved! Of course, making plans has gotten a bit more complicated.  You may have noticed, but the latest chika idol trend has been to announce livestreaming details the day of, if not mere hours before, the live start time.  We will add late-announced items (UPDATE: Like this BURST GIRL broadcast) to the The Calendar as soon as we hear about them. As always, if you see something we’ve missed, please DM me on Twitter.

First up, the bight and funky FAREWELL My, L.u.v has a pair of shows being livestreamed to promote their new EP including a gig with debut-of-the-year contenders NELN and a birthday live for Ritsuko.

Don’t miss GARUDA’s Swedish debut as part of Alternativfesten on YouTube. 

Back over at Moon Romantic, the always impressive LiLii Kaona are appearing with a stellar line-up of friends including cana ÷ biss, Okinawa Electronic Girl Saya and XOXO EXTREME

Then close out your weekend with one of the most ingenious combinations since dark chocolate met peanut butter: BRATS + Broken By The Scream.