Your Homicidols Weekender #207

Good morning! Well, we did it. The sun has indeed come up every day this week, there hasn’t been any rash of ultra-violence … granted, nobody knows exactly what’s going on out there in Vote Count Land, and maybe we have a new president and maybe we don’t and maybe the only way that gets resolved is by extremely unpleasant means. Who knows! I’m personally spent on the whole thing and need to stop talking about it for a few minutes. So, Weekender.

Welcome to a weird one! When we post more, see, it means that there’s less “proper” Weekender material, and because I haven’t slept well I’ve been tooling around YouTube at weird hours and seeing way more of the kinds of things that I usually quietly make fun of people for watching. This is okay — we all have our morbid interests and secret shames and guilty pleasures. But yeah, kind of a weird edition.

Which, speaking of such things, next week is the fourth anniversary of this, the longest running weekly episodic blog post oriented toward Japanese underground idols who scream in their songs. What an incredible accomplishment and honor! But we’ll also be launching the Best Of community nominations soon, so for real I hope that this surprisingly great year in idol music has your gears turning about who and what deserves the honors.

Lol Honors

Some very cool new details on the upcoming WAGAMAMARAKIA* EP:

*Guess we’re spelling it that way now!

Gotta make sure that nobody forgets about femme fatale:

Task have Fun too:

New (hype af) EP coming from DAIDAIDAI:

Also new (also exciting) EP coming from GO TO THE BEDS:

Ah hell, they gave us this too!

What do I have to do to turn you all into QUEENS fans?

One of the best things about posting less these days is not feeling the need to do a whole dang post about every random-ass thing that SHINGEKI does:

Okay good:

All the gods bless Last Question:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is husky not because they actually did anything but because they’ve apparently done a lot of things that I’m just realizing and I want to talk about it without having to blog a whole dang post about it.

Anyway, look at how interesting they are!

That’s a lot more interesting than they were back in the day. Even if it’s staged.

This is actually what got my attention:

Also I feel obligated as one of the rare users of the term ever to point out that they are participating in an “idolcore” event and I’m glad that enough people exist and know what that’s supposed to mean and will buy tickets for this. It’s vindicating.

Yeah husky’s cool.

Daemon found this awesome rundown of top idol voices and guess which goddess who we mutually stan is #8?

Do you have five hours to spend with Zsasz?

Or how about 30 minutes with a single member of XOXO EXTREME just kind of fucking around (instead of new music from the group that would just about save Christmas)?

We’re down a TENRIN:

Dang, who else remembers AH?

BURST GIRL plays some very unexpected gigs:

Someday, we won’t have Suzuka from Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders, and the world will be a poorer place for it:

Have a great weekend!

Good to see things going well enough for my girl Co3!

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  1. Burst Girl seems to be one of those groups that low key has a lot of respect in the broader indie music scene I’ve noticed. A lot of their lives tend to be with other bands more than other idol groups and getting people like Mariko Goto and Toru Hidaka to do songs for you is no small thing.

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