Listen to the New 143

Aside from world events, this week has been particularly weird because yours truly has been finding distractions in looking back at previously-known-but-kind-of-obscure idol acts and heretofore unknown idol acts. It’s a good way to burn off energy! But yeah, as mentioned in the earlier post from today, while I do have to get on my butt and try to feature as many debutantes as possible in the next couple of weeks, I’m still drawn to those acts that I connected with once upon a time and then to one degree or another lost track of. Tomorrow’s Weekender includes a great example; 143 here is another.

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Let Us Be Powered by 143

Holy hell, as I return to this post to put some finishing touches on it (what do you mean, there isn’t even a whole paragraph here, you say, and I give you a nice knuckle sandwich for the trouble), I have finally found the group that completely vexes my creativity. Every post has a boring-ass title! Is 143 good and fun? They are. Have they, in their 18-odd months of existence, grown and developed and become a presence? They have. Do they impress upon the casual Westerner, especially the non-weeb variety, anything that would inspire the kinds of devotion that leads to one receiving angery comments on the internet for acknowledging the fact that, no, the answer to this question is no? No. At least, not that I’ve noticed.

So maybe let’s see! This is a fun song — I wanted a whole post for it the second I heard it — and maybe some of 143’s patented emotional idorock is exactly what you need this Monday morning, regardless of whether a typhoon has unleashed nature’s wrath on you.

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Here’s Another New One from 143

This will be one of the longest short posts I’ve ever done because it’s just plain chock full of things that I’m not going to try to overly contextualize, so: Hey, remember 143! The cool chika rock group whose name I have entirely too much fun with? They’re still out there not just doing their fun-and-often-good thing, but advancing the way that idols are meant to. It’s good to see!

A new track of theirs popped up in my Soundcloud feed the other day, and I want you all to get the same kick out of it that I did:

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Let’s Also Enjoy This Song from 143!

There still isn’t any time, and in fact this is being rapidly thrown together a good while before the time it will publish because there’s no time! But it’s a fun new song from 143, which qualifies as something worth blogging a post about all on its own, and also because there’s more context.

First, the song!

Here are your lyrics, because this is the timeline that we’re in now, it’s all Soundcloud and Twitter lyric sheets:

They also published lyrics for something that … well:

Now, for what it’s worth, I have no idea why these two songs, given the following context of the simultaneous release of the group’s first two singles, neither of which includes either of these tracks:

Idol is amazing.

Check out This New One from 143

So what I was saying yesterday about getting back through all of the things that I had wanted to try to cover in very short bursts while I was out? This was the literal #1 on that list. It got superseded because, as a proper idol fan, I do play favorites, but let us not pretend for a second that what I did didn’t have some semblance of injustice to it.

143! I love you! Among the I’ll-never-stop-talking-about-it Class of 2018, this may have been the group that had the best rollout, or at least the most deliberate. When they landed, it at least seemed to have imprimatur. Your mileage may vary! To say that the momentum, emotionally et al, was unsustainable without regard for the normal pace of idol debuts would be an understatement. So no, we wound up with a group that debuted and did some solid things in that crucial opening window, and then mostly settled into place, as idol, following Newton’s laws, is wont to do.

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Now This Is a Summertime Idol Song

Man, after this past week, I needed to see this in my Soundcloud feed:

I mean, it’s called “Super Summer”, so

It’s so bright! I like the additional punk infusion; this isn’t emotional idorock the way that your Babyraids JAPAN, for instance, might do it, but more along the lines of Malcolm Mask McLaren or, once upon a time, THE SPUNKY (RIP). Their last one went that route a little bit, too, but with a meaner edge. And while I love meaner edges, this one is the better mood-setter for sure. Continue reading

Hey, There’s a New 143 Song!

Good morning, friends! If you’re not a regular on Soundcloud, I recommend that you become one, because checking in every few days or so is a good way to keep up with some of the less-followed acts in idol. For instance, remember 143? They of the months-long membership rollout and pretty good debut? They added this

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Even More New Rock Idols Are upon Us: 143, I Love You

I’ve been sitting on this draft for a long time. How long? Long-ass, that’s how long. Ever since tracks (see below!) started to pop up on Soundcloud a couple of months back. They weren’t going to officially debut until February, and went on one of those slow-member-reveal journeys that drive you nuts.

Well, all members are now accounted for:

That’s 143 (Twitter), which kanas as ワンフォースリー ONE FOR THREE, which of course actually renders out as “I Love You” because nihongo wordplay. Ol’ Viz shared them out when they first started to happen, but now they’re really happening. Thanks to Jul, I now know that membership includes Juri and Rinka from CANDY||STRIPE NEO, and Hana from ACATOCRO. Continue reading