Sugartrap Is Dead; Long Live Harami no Jan!

When was it, a few weeks back, when I noted in the Weekender that we wouldn’t be calling perpetually underappreciated idolcore outfit sugartrap “sugartrap” any longer? Well, the metamorphosis is now complete:

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The New sugartrap EP’s Arrival Can’t Come Soon Enough

Yes, friends, I am excited about sugartrap at any point that they’re doing active things like recording music (which they do occasionally) and performing live (which they do all the time). I’d prefer to wait a little bit for a real-deal MV to sprout wings and fly into my face closer to the release date of this record, but I’m also wont to force-feed you sugartrap (it’s good for you!) and will not be wroth should they be posted twice in quick succession.


Further proof that Osaka idols are best idols

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Let’s Do This, sugartrap

For shame to all of you clowns (that’s right, clowns!) who didn’t support sugartrap in the Corenament. I’ve been digging them pretty much since the first time I heard them — not as hard-edged as others, nor trying so hard to be hard-edged while still easily being quite noisy and earnest. Who doesn’t like that?

Anyway, maybe this can help to wake you up to them:

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I Know a Few People Who Are Going to Be Excited about New sugartrap

What a welcome addition to the morning!

I’m taking the reveal of “dropstar3” to be an indication that another new single — at least a single — is on the way (“dropstar2” led off “Disillusion”), but there isn’t anything official about that yet. Maybe they just wanted to put out a random low-budget dance video? Show off Nana’s choreography skills?

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Excitement Is a New Single from Sugartrap

This kind of thing is usually more Weekender-appropriate, but I have a soft spot a mile wide when it comes to Sugartrap, so indulge me. BOOM! New single at the end of the month.

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Here’s a Reminder That Sugartrap Is Good as Hell

Good morning, you guys! I have a feeling that Toronto’s still feeling the effects of Next Music from Tokyo, which moves on to Montreal tomorrow. I’ve heard nothing but great things, so I’m glad for everybody involved.

Me, being stuck at home, I figured that unspooling some relatively new content was a good idea. Let’s visit more with idols that we don’t hear from often enough!

Take, for example, Sugartrap! Who are good and cool and inexplicably not a ton more popular than they are! They can bring the heat as well as most, with the added bonus of being pretty good performers, too. So how about: Continue reading

Here’s a Bunch of Stuff from the SELL NU IDOL Thing

You guys might be aware of EXTREME IDOL TERROR, the fairly regular get-together of … I don’t need to explain that, do I? There are particulars, but they’re not tremendously important in this context. What is important is that EIT and SELL NU IDOL?, another semi-regular showcase that also needs very little explanation, had a joint show recently, and I figured that the Corenament being upon us would be a good enough reason to share some sets from it.

So here’s Sugartrap!

And Cure!

And of course Guso Drop!

Imagine the agonizing choices that lay before you, amigos!

Wake the Hell Up: It’s Time for Sugartrap

What a pleasant surprise to show up in my YouTube recommendations yesterday — here’s a set of sugartrap’s from two weekends ago:

I have nothing else to say about this! It’s Tuesday, there are amusing things afoot and it’s idols being loud. Happy Valentine’s!

You Want This Sugartrap Album Preview, Don’t You?

Reverse the Curse! See, back in the early days of the site, it seemed like just mentioning a group out of context (like, “hey, let’s post some random Under Beasty video, haven’t heard from them in a little while”) would lead to something crushing coming along about them not long after. Or, like in the case of Psybou Kanojo, the discovery itself led to the project’s end.

But the Curse also has a flipside, and it’s that sometimes random mentions turned into fresh new releases (like Under Beasty!). And so it is this time! Fresh off of getting a chance to bring up Sugartrap again for the first time in a while, here they are with a preview for their upcoming first full album:


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It’s Friday, So Let’s Start with Some Sugartrap

It’s been a minute since we last got to visit with this fun idolcore duo, and I’d honestly been looking for an excuse to come back to them for a few weeks because there is negative reason to not dig them. Fortunately, because people like us are a kind and generous lot, and because I stalk interesting YouTubers, our old pal Anagram Hound provides:

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