You Don’t Really Need to Understand the Friday Fun

‘Sup everyone! How’s your week been? Have you too been watching the WACK audition all week, booing Watanabe every time he shows up on screen, wondering if any of the following actually happens?

Stupid popular hashtags!

We don’t talk about Tapestok enough on this site, do we? I love them. Koutei Camera Actress’ new record is great; right up until their disbandment (and beyond) Zwei were the soundtrack to all late-night insomnia pondering. And they’ve also blessed us with such great song and album titles as “Humpty Taxi”, “Wedge Sole Eskimo”, “Leningrad Loud Girlz” and whatever the hell this is supposed to mean:

Truly, the queens of incomprehensible yet vaguely artsy-sounding names. Truly, there’s an art to this madness. You can’t just mash random words together and you have a Tapestok title. I mean, you probably could but, it needs that added something. I don’t know what that something is, but that’s what we’ll be investigating this week!

That’s right, I want you to really think about what makes a title befitting of the various Koutei Cameras and also ame to kanmuri. Something that you’re pretty sure is supposed to mean something, but you just can’t figure it out! Come up with some song titles. Hashtag is #FutureTapestokTitles, and let’s all get confused.