Let’s Discover Some Idols: TENRIN

It’s comforting to know that idol didn’t miss me one bit; nothing speaks to one’s insignificance as a person quite like realizing that the thing you put a lot of time into can and will endlessly go about its business even if you spontaneously burst into flame and disappear. And I mean it — I’ve been “back” online for like all of a total hour in 2.25 or so days, and I’m already finding out about new groups!

Take TENRIN, who I’m sure have already taken the world by storm and have a Discord just for their filthy gaijin fans, but who I stumbled over about 22 minutes ago while looking at Twitter for any last-minute Weekender items:

I was definitely convinced that they were a vocaloid thing for a minute, but the members are real people! Just, like, temporarily rendered only in terms of anime or manga or whatever have you, what’s it called when the images look a way and are in an animated thing but aren’t actually moving? Not worth the trouble of making a distinction? Cool.

The best part is that the vocals almost sound like vocaloid in an animetal theme song, and the music is like taking every trope previously explored by, like, Himegami CRISIS and making a slightly underdone blend of mashed potatoes with them. You know, when it’s kind of lumpy no matter what you do? And you add extra butter to try to fluff it out but there’s actually too much starch still and forget creamy, you’ll be happy if these don’t have the consistency of paste, and yep, definitely like glue, but the gravy’s pretty good because you made it with fresh pan drippings, so this is in fact a pretty acceptable side for the baked steak? Like that.

Anyway, this is pretty good for a group that hasn’t actually debuted yet. I’d just blame the Rona, but, like this Twitter account has been active for more than a year. If you haven’t had a debut live yet, maybe you just have yourself to blame.

That’s all there is for TENRIN. Good things may actually happen someday!