50 YMM MVs Day 28: 無 無無 無無無無 無無無無無

At this point we’re definitely committed to seeing this 50 YMM MVs project through, which is great because:

  • We looooove YOU’LL MELT MORE!
  • We want you to looooove YOU’LL MELT MORE! too, so not only is this is a total labor of love, but it’s a mission to save your soul.
  • Revisiting YOU’LL MELT MORE!‘s career has been a lot of fun for the Homicidols crew as a team-building activity and we’ve loooooved doing it.
  • Rewatching these MVs has truly reignited in us the joys of why we  looooove YOU’LL MELT MORE! so much…

On that last bullet, this MV for their song “Music 3, 4-bu de owatchimau yo ne” especially reinvigorated my appreciation for how incredibly great this group is live…

If you’ve never felt sold on YMM!’s ability to sell their infectious spirit in a live performance, then this will bring you into the fold good n’ proper. In the comments of this of YouTube video, a Japanese fan was kind enough to post the lyrics to the song. After a quick, half-assed auto-translate, I deduced that the basic gist of this song is about their commitment to win you over in true idol fashion. They implore the audience to give them three or four minutes to let them sing and dance their hearts out, and before it’s over, you will indeed melt more as they seal the deal and increase their fan-base through their charm and natural on-stage energy. I’d say they succeeded! (Also, 無 無無 無無無無 無無無無無” is just “No No NoNoNo” a whole bunch of times…) 

Extra bonus! Just in case you thought the MV was just a lot of flattering editing of the group on stage, here’s an actual live vocal performance with a backing band that cements how top-tier their live show is…

Dang that was a blast!!! 

Speaking of live, as of right now, YMM! are still slated to make their western-world performance debut at the Monster of Dolls festival in Italy on November 21st of this year. Obviously there’s a some especially difficult challenges going on, but I really hope everything works out for everyone involved, because if so, the attendees will be in for an amazing treat seeing this group headline the show. You Eurocentric fans are pretty darn fortunate!

You think we’re done yet? “無 無無 無無無無 無無無無無!!!!!!!” Make sure you come back tomorrow!