Your Homicidols Weekender #187

Wow, what a week! Maniac’s back, Miss iD got a whole boatload of familiar faces on deck (more on that later, hopefully!) and earlier today my cat managed to catch and eat a butterfly whole! Oh, and all this great stuff too.

PS: The opinions expressed here do not reflect the entire Homicidols writing squad.

It may be a minority opinion, but allow me to emphatically say out loud that BLACKNAZARENE is dumb and boring and you should stop supporting this farce:

Besides, Izumi needs to concentrate on her new career as a RADWIMPS cover artist.

PassCode gave us three PVs this week to remind us that they are fire.

A NiANiHiL graduation:

New one from femme fatale is like, hey Maniac, thanks for coming back man:

A fun thing about coming back after a long hiatus is having absolutely no context for anything and just being like YUP:

I can’t be the only person who thinks that these girls are impossibly small:

CY8ER is perfecting this No Audience Live thing.

Toricago will debut a new song tomorrow, live, in front of nobody:

Speaking of, there’s still time to watch BURST GIRL‘s stream from earlier this week.

While WAGAMAMA RAKIA reminds us how much we miss the live show.

ZOMBIE POWDER went on a potato dig because that’s what underground idols do. They dig potatoes.

Oshiloss Corner

Nice to see ex-BiS Momoland doing well!

Sadly, Misonee isn’t coming back to MIGMA SHELTER. Good news is, she’s back on twitter!

BRATS sure is good.

Noni got herself a new project:

Have a Good Weekend!