LAST IN MY CULT, Still Alive, Rocks Like Hell

The neat thing about being an idol part-timer anymore is that, shorn from the unbearable pressure to make like four posts per day out of pride or whatever, I get to do this gig more like a viper coiled to strike, always waiting for something legitimately cool and fun to come along so I can ponderously fill virtual column inches about it and occasionally tease profundity — except that I am apparently a very sleepy viper and I get tuckered out if I coil for too long and kind of mope along and then fall asleep (metaphorically) and even if I do see the good thing and wish to strike at it, well, I got a nap to take, brother!

Which brings me to LAST IN MY CULT, who felt like they were taking the world by storm when they debuted and then … well, yeah, a lot of idol groups come out blazing and expectations are high and then everybody involved except for the wota realize that there are like ruts in the idol business, and they’re tough to avoid and even tougher to get out of. Which isn’t to use the “rut” term in a negative way, just an acknowledging one, just saying that you don’t have a whole lot of choice because you’re kind of trapped by it. But yeah, LAST IN MY CULT, they did that, and other than a few times in the past few months having thought about them in a very general way, I can’t say that I got all that re-invested at any point. Until last week, when I (late) noticed that they’d put out an MV that sure it’s just a live edit and studio recording, but still, MV! And it rocks!

What a little cranker of a tune, right down to those baked-in wota bits. I wouldn’t go so far as to declare it groundbreaking or the like, but is it very well-executed rock music by idols? Better than most! I’ll be honest and say that, between the guitar tone and the voices and the vocal melodies, I was getting flashbacks to OG Himekyun Fruit Can … if they were way punkier and whatnot, but still, if you hear it you know what I mean and if you don’t then we can’t be friends.

Anyway, then yesterday LAST IN MY CULT thought, you know, that Maniac jerk still hasn’t written anything about us for his legions of adoring readers, let’s do it once more so that he can’t forget again — and they were right to do so, because it reminded me that I wanted to do this in the first place!

Okay, the quality isn’t as good, and it’s way idolier, but it’s still pretty good. If you told me that the idols in the banner were the idols who performed this song, I wouldn’t call you a liar, for instance.

I don’t see any earthly reason in their socials or whatnot for these releases, so I’m guessing that they’re purely promotional. Which is fine, and this is the right time of year for it, what with all the holiday stuff coming up over the next couple of months, and then the New Year’s festivals. Presuming that nothing bad happens to the group between now and then, LAST IN MY CULT should hit their first anniversary on good footing, and gods be good have a chance to make something happen out of this wild-ass business.